EarthRP Community (vanillacraft)

Official discord server of EarthRP community

What is EarthRP?

EarthRP is a Minecraft java edition server based on Geopolitical Roleplay with a 1:1000 scaled earth map.
Early access - 01/02/2021
Official release - 01/03/2021

Why choose us?

We provide unique features like:
- 100+ Vehicles and Weapons with out needing a client side modification.
- Lands and War system
- Extremely balanced weapon system and economy system
- Pre-rendered, nice looking dynmap (real time web-based map)
- Cords calculator. Generate in-game cords using Latitude and Longitude
- Marriage system
- Some Safezones to chill yourself
- Realistic experience
- Developers that cares about our players
- No queue (ik everyone hates it lmao)

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