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Safe Station

Do you want to make your server secure? Safe Station is the perfect server for you!

🔒 Find out who raids servers, who doesn't respect Discord's ToS, users suspects and more
🛡 100% Secure Server
📃 It's easy to copy the IDs of dangerous users
🔔 Get a notification when there is an alert
🌐 An int
ernational chat
📌 A channel to promote advertisements
📬 It's easy to report servers, users or bots
🔊 You can create your own secure voice channel
🎗️ We offer partnerships
🛠️ Roles configurable
😀 And more!


Valks Gamer Zone

A friendly anime and gaming community, that's it!

Eyeless' Safehouse

A growing youtube and twitch community with an emphasis on the game Escape From Tarkov, stop by for some raids or drop your channel link!