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Warriors; Midnight Roots

"Clans come from long and far, dear one. When troubles hit, cats split. Sometimes, when cats split, they create war. Other times, it ends in a good way- with new friends.
War never creates good things, though. Another group will always be there - seeking revenge."

When a tribe spilt up after St
oneteller became too weak, two Clans formed: HopiClan and YavapaiClan. They managed to settle down in territories, living peacefully.
However, another cat, Midnight, wanted to make a Clan too. She was rejected by MistClan (the Clan's StarClan), and went to lie to her group about it.
Even now, the group call themselves MidnightClan. The true Clans call them Midnight Stalkers- bad cats who want nothing more than to cause trouble.
The Midnight Stalkers want revenge. They want to prove to the other Clans that they are a Clan! Not some rogue group.
Thus, trouble comes.


Fantasia Academy™

A letter would fly to your palms

ᴡᴏᴜʟᴅ ʏᴏᴜ ʟɪᴋᴇ ᴛᴏ ᴏᴘᴇɴ ɪᴛ?

»ʏᴇs« ɴᴏ

F͜͡a͜͡n͜͡t͜͡a͜͡s͜͡i͜͡a͜͡ A͜͡c͜͡a͜͡d͜͡e͜͡m͜͡y͜͡

Fantasia Academy is a place where you can enhance your skills, magic, and character. You might even find your true and full potential.



Once in awhile OC challenge

Roleplaying lessons

Canon characters welcome

Fun activities


More roleplaying attributes

(We are open for partnerships)

What are you waiting for? Enroll now!


Olympus Discord RP | Discord Roleplaying Server

We Are Olympus Discord Roleplay

We are a Discord roleplay community, for people who cannot afford Grand Theft Auto 5. We roleplay, WITHIN discord. We have channels for Traffic Stops, Bank Robberies and much more. You can roleplay anything you can imagine. We do not limit you on what you can do, a
s long as you follow simple rules.

What We Offer:

Departments for BCSO, SAHP, LSPD, Fire, Dispatch, Medic and Business's and Gangs.

Management and Moderation spots for those willing to sit tight and watch us grow.

What We Need

We are very small at the moment but are patient in watching us grow.

We need department heads for Fire, Dispatch, SAHP and LSPD!

Gangs and Business's can be applied for and if accepted, channels and roles will be made specifically for you.

In Olympus, you can let your imagonation run wild. No limitations, no payment required.

Simply join the discord, DM Jokerr, let him know what department you want to join, or if your looking for staff or management. And let your roleplay experience begin. Once we reach a stable amount of LEO and Civilians, we can host official Discord roleplay sessions and trainings will be hosted to train LEO and Civs how it will all work.

We. Are. Olympus!


The Beginning of The End

Hello! This an apocalyptic server called The Beginning of The End. This server takes place in the year 2100 after a virus which was believed to be a cure for cancer ended up being a virus that would be the end of humanity.
We got zombies, a deadly disease, and people scrambling around to survive.(
Lore and more info in server) Fun right?

Things this server can offer:
-Active Staff
-LGBTQ+ friendly community
-Great Lore for Server Backstory
-40+ Rp Channels
-Rules that are enforced when needed
-Normal channels and VC's for chatting
-Meme channel for all a memers needs
-Economy System

So come on down give our server a try, just don't get infected on your way here!


Calesius City

Welcome to Calesius City!! A beautiful, bustling place to live. Everything has been quite peaceful as of late, though no one knows what goes on behind the lives of our supposed civilians…

Enter the Hero Organization and League of Villains. These two operations have been around since anyone can re
member, and regularly clash behind the scenes. For the most part, the do-gooders and evil-doers of our dear city can keep their activities out of the public eye. Every now and then there’s a fluke, a kidnapping here, a battle there, but that’s to be expected, right?

So, the only question I have for you is…

Where do you stand?


Avengers Academy

Welcome to Avengers Academy, a prestigous university where the children of the heroes of the multiverse come to learn and prepare for their future years as a hero! During your time here at the Academy, you will participate in training against your peers, rescue simulations to test your endurance, an
d learn the history of all that came before you. The Academy attracts all walks of life, and boasts highly educated professors in their fields. In your classes you will be taught by REAL heroes and alumni at the academy, not to mention to graduate students of our school. With access to top-of-the-line equipment and amenities, you are sure to find your place amongst the worlds best and greatest generation of saviours!

On behalf of the staff at Avengers Academy, I would like to formally welcome you on campus! We can't wait to see you use your abilities to the fullest, and help you grow!



in 2055, some weird shit happened and it go wrong as fuck. the world turns shitty by a thing and there is nothing to stop all you need to do is create new world and then there you go a new world but no one is there and there need to be someone to be here as god created the new world. no people means


FOR SALE | Bureau of Justice Roleplay™

Do you want to buy a roleplay server. Well Bureau of Justice Roleplay is looking for someone to purchase it and have some fun!
It comes with the following:

Main Server
Interview Server
Penal Code

To see the servers click the links below!
For pricing, DM @Ja
mes J. !


The Uncharted Waters || PIRATE RP

▬ ▬ ▬-⭒ ⭒__***[The Uncharted Waters]***__⭒ ⭒-▬ ▬ ▬

Welcome to Vallore, a medieval world filled with fantasy beasts and pirates! Here you will form a crew and help us explore The Uncharted Waters and islands, slay the mighty beasts and loot for the shiny booty!
▬ ⭒ ▬ ⭒ ▬ ⭒ ▬ ⭒ ▬ ⭒ ▬ ⭒ ▬ ⭒ ▬ ⭒ ▬ ⭒
▬ ⭒ ▬ ⭒
We are a non-toxic, friendly, SFW roleplay server that welcomes everyone! If you are new to RPing in general, you're sure to find some people here who are willing to help you figure out your writing.

In this server, your experience will be entirely up to you and how you wish to play. If you want to keep socialization to a minimum and be one of the lone wolves, feel free to do so. If you're looking to band together with other seasoned or newbie pirates then there's no stopping you!

▬ ⭒ ▬ ⭒ ▬ ⭒ ▬ ⭒ ▬ ⭒ ▬ ⭒ ▬ ⭒ ▬ ⭒ ▬ ⭒ ▬ ⭒ ▬ ⭒

What we offer:
☆ Fleshed out economy system.
☆ Loot rolls system.
☆ T1 combat.
☆ Popular dnd monsters as well as the original ones.
☆ Bounty system.
☆ Magic.
☆ 30+ playable species and subspecies.

▬ ⭒ ▬ ⭒ ▬ ⭒ ▬ ⭒ ▬ ⭒ ▬ ⭒ ▬ ⭒ ▬ ⭒ ▬ ⭒ ▬ ⭒ ▬ ⭒


Naruto: Path of Exile

Hello! Welcome to NARUTO: Path of Exile, a semi-literate Naruto server ready and willing to accept your OC's into our fold of action and romance! Here there are many kind staff to help you at a moments notice and a very character driven storyline so you can make what you want of yourself!


We provide:
-Active and polite staff
-Loose OC rules for creativity to flow
-Custom content for you to design
-A Character Driven plot
-Many Open slots
And much much more! So drop on by and Walk the Path of Exile!


Life's Path Roleplay

Lifes Path Roleplay
- Everyone in LPRP would love you to join this awesome community!
- So why not come and check us out today!
- Looking for Active Members who are Interested in Becoming Staff!
**Here's some stuff about us:**
**-Why Us-**
Are you looking for a semi whitelisted role play group
that’s serious, respectful, and fun to play with? Here at LPRP we take role playing seriously, and although we have just started off are growing every day and have already reached 100 Members!
**-What we have to offer-**
- San Andreas State Police (SASP)
- San Andreas Fire Rescue (SAFR)
- Blaine County Sheriffs Office (BCSO)
- Civilian (CIV)
- Dispatch (Comms)
-Fire Marshals
(Many more to come!)
- Friendly Staff -
- Here at LPRP All of our staff is held to a high standard and are always ready to answer any questions you might have and help you in any way they can. They are also ready to help you in whatever way they can so why not come and have a chat today.
~ Friendly Staff Team Ready to Help!
~ Rapidly Growing Community!
~ Active and Interactive Community!
- Menu Based RP
- Custom Cars For all Departments
- Must have a legal copy of GTA 5 on PC.
-Must have Fivem and Teamspeak.
- Must follow all the server rules at all times.
- Must Follow all other server expectations.
- Must be at Least 13 years old.
But Most Importantly Make sure to have Fun!
- Join us today! -
Where to find us:
- Discord -
- Website -


𝓨𝓾𝓻𝓮𝓲 𝓐𝓬𝓪𝓭𝓮𝓶𝔂

Five months ago, you were invited to Michigan for an experiment. Since you were only in your high-school year found it strange that you were selected for such a scientific experiment. Upon arriving at the lab, you noticed the many other people, who were around your age. Hundreds of people slowly beg
inning taken to a soundproof room. You eagerly waited for your turn. As the amount of people began to lessened, you grew closer to began taken inside. One finally taken inside, you saw most of the people in chairs or strapped in tables. You were strapped into a chair by two tall males in lab coats. One held a bubbling green syringe in his hand. As you glanced around, more and more people were injected with the green drug. Each person shortly began to fall asleep. The doctor then inserted the drug into you. your eye lids grew heavy and she closed her eyes.

The drug caused you to see how you died and feel the pain you feel upon dying. But it was over now, and you were awake. Upon looking around, you realized something, the other participants seemed - dead. You started to struggle with your restrains before realizing, you went right through them. The doctors looked horrified at what they were seeing. You, along other participants were translucent and floating in front of their corpses. Turning around you had seen your own limb course. You were dead. You were a ghost.

The doctors focused on covering up the accident. They burned the lab and files. They feed the corpses to pigs and wild boars. You, along with the other ghosts were pawned off to a town called the Burrows, in Michigan, where ghosts could actually interact with things and live a normal life. A ghost-proof border surrounded the town, entrapping the ghosts in side. You along with the other teen ghosts were sent to Yurei Academy, to finish your education and hopefully learn to live the most normal life you can. Finding love, getting a job, and having a family.