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A Role-play server based on Space-X and the games space Flight Simulator, SimplePlanes and Simplerockets two.

Dummy Server

This fun Undertale role-play server is fit for anyone! ye


[18+] [Contains NSFW content] [Fantasy] [In-Development]

A freshly made server looking for people to help build it. You can submit Oc’s, Races, affiliations, fauna, and flora. You can also make suggestions. Right now I’m working on making Lore. As long as you strive to make balanced things almos
t everything will be accepted.
An accepting friendly place! 18+ ONLY

Nath-Tsa, a faraway land with several regions including the Ab’r’ly Grasslands, Gla-Ul Desert, GothGotha Forests, and Y’-M’ell Rain Forests. It’s capital, Highwall, is a bustling city filled with all manner of people. You can create almost any character, want to be a thief? Go ahead! Want to be a wealthy merchant? You can be that too! If you can imagine it you can probably do it.

This will be character-driven Freeform RP

What we offer:
: : Allows for all skill levels
: : Lore you can help build
: : LGBTQ+ friendly
: : A mature level of RP
: : Premade templates you can use whole-sale or as a reference



Authors Guild of Roleplaying

.•°☆ Authors Guild of Roleplaying ☆°•.

We are a server specifically designed to help you find new roleplay partners!

• ° What we offer ° •
° Different interest and length roles to tell people how you RP
° Different channels for single partners or creating groups
° A strict stance on any and
all discrimination but with a complete understanding of miscommunication
° A SFW ad space and an NSFW ad space that minors cannot access
° Chill staff (and a very hyperactive owner)
° An RP and writing tip channel that anyone can contribute to
° A suggestion channel to help us grow as more people join the guild!

We're open to all kinds of RPers, be it page-writers or simple one-line response people. Come join us and help build our community!