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S.P.V {Supreem Viccory Hypebeets}

Hypebeets 2.0 Rebuild
On Feb 22, 2020, me and a few close friends created Hypebeets (the first), a server that we started from scratch, originally as a joke. We didn't take it seriously at first, just us messing around on it, but then we decided a short time later to put effort in and see where it
went. We set up roles, made ranks, invited friends from all over the globe over all forms of social media, snap, insta, discord, email, etc (i've personally lived in states, italy, china, virgin islands, etc) so we wanted to make a small international community. then as we gained members and started building a closer knit family, we started getting notice from the server finderboard and membership peaked at around 120 people, however what goes up must come back down, and the server imploded on itself due to issues among the community :pensive: and we are in a state of rebuild, with about 20 people and 5 of the big 8, but with new ones coming in quickly, which is nice. we accept anyone and everyone, and give everyone a chance to become an integral gear in our family no matter what you've seen, been through, or stand for. We are looking to build off our once magnificent empire. An international and supportive community, extremely funny times, loyal friends, and learning opportunities await, you just gotta trust me on this one. As breezy once said "Y E S" ,our server is extremely and yet extraordinarily out of the box, offers nsfw, politics, cursed images/memes, music, karaoke, games, chezye and an alarmingly unique crew


Gamers' Cave

- Game channels!
- Meme channel!
- Growing community!
- Everybody allowed!
- Moderator hiring!

The plan is to grow a gamer community!
If you a gamer or a memer, join to this growing community!
And I hire moderators!

xDawnshadow's Official | The Reich

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