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Optimised Advertising

Do you want to grow your discord server fast? Do you want your advertisements to be seen? This is the only advertising server you will ever need!

✨ β€£ Beautiful simple channel designs!
πŸ“­ β€£ 35+ advertising channels!
⏰ β€£ 1 hour advertising cooldown!
πŸ”Ž β€£ Channels to find
Partners, Staff & Work!
πŸ“Œ β€£ Advertise Discord Servers, Social Media & Bots!
🧭 β€£ Server map channel for easy navigation!
🀝 β€£ Partnerships & Alliances!
πŸ€– β€£ 5+ autobump channels!
πŸ“š β€£ Server & advertising tips!
πŸŽ‰ β€£ Nitro Giveaways!
πŸ’› β€£ Friendly Community & Staff!
πŸ”– β€£ Earn roles & perks!
πŸ–ŒοΈ β€£ Self assignable roles!
πŸ˜€ β€£ And more!

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Ch11L 🧑

Welcome to Ch11L, a fun online community. We love to talk to people and make new friends. We are very diverse and popular. Come join our amazing community and read below. We are small but wanting to grow. If you are looking for a fun community, join now.


Ch11L Ads is a fun and epic advertising server.


join us and send us some suggestions to help the server growing

Glitched United

JOIN THE PREMIER discord server/ clan for games like Gta 5 and tam fortress 2, our server welcomes all, no matter who you are or what you do! our server is tailored just for you and you everyday gaming needs including everything you would want in an EPIC GAMING SERVER!

Our staff work 24/7 ALL DAY
to ensure you have the best gaming experience possible! We also are starting to add FUN events to the server, one of the biggest events we will be hosting is the ALIEN WARS event on Gta 5!

If you are interested in becoming a staff member, please feel free to DM me on discord! :)


The Master Raceβ„’

The Master Race is a fun server where members socialize with each other and have a good time. Join, you won't regret it!

Chaos Crew

want to join a great community of streamers where several have made affiliate and are on the way to making partner? Want to boost your server and be the next rising star in streaming? Join chaos crew today and make friends, network, post in #discords if you have a server and make your goals become r
eality. Get in here to make it big


LGBT+ Support

LGBT+ Support

A community that's accepting to anybody! To join you don't need to be part of the LGBT community, we welcome allies too!

What we have to offer:

LGBT community!
Staff that are ready to help!
Information on LGBT!
Fun emojis & an active community!
Self-assignable roles!

e'll welcome you with open hands into our community!


The Chatin Room!

Hello! we are a server where you can chat, talk in vc, play pokecord, and many new things coming!

π“π‘πž π‹πšπ›

Welcome to The Lab Discord!
✦ Frequently updated
✦ Active community
✦ Friendly staff
✦ Many game-bots
✦ Roleplay Server

This is a community based around The Lab's server, a roleplay based in a remote Laboratory. The lore is flexible and all OCs are welcome. Come join the server to find out


The Penthouse

Welcome to the Penthouse,
The Penthouse server is a chill zone where you can talk about, your favorite games, your favorite music, and other random stuff. You can also meet new people here. While there is some drama here and there we do our best to stay toxic-free.
I hope you enjoy your stay.


Olympus Discord RP | Discord Roleplaying Server

We Are Olympus Discord Roleplay

We are a Discord roleplay community, for people who cannot afford Grand Theft Auto 5. We roleplay, WITHIN discord. We have channels for Traffic Stops, Bank Robberies and much more. You can roleplay anything you can imagine. We do not limit you on what you can do, a
s long as you follow simple rules.

What We Offer:

Departments for BCSO, SAHP, LSPD, Fire, Dispatch, Medic and Business's and Gangs.

Management and Moderation spots for those willing to sit tight and watch us grow.

What We Need

We are very small at the moment but are patient in watching us grow.

We need department heads for Fire, Dispatch, SAHP and LSPD!

Gangs and Business's can be applied for and if accepted, channels and roles will be made specifically for you.

In Olympus, you can let your imagonation run wild. No limitations, no payment required.

Simply join the discord, DM Jokerr, let him know what department you want to join, or if your looking for staff or management. And let your roleplay experience begin. Once we reach a stable amount of LEO and Civilians, we can host official Discord roleplay sessions and trainings will be hosted to train LEO and Civs how it will all work.

We. Are. Olympus!