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Sweden Towns 1:1

BTE Sweden Towns is a very different type of build team instead of focusing on big cities or whole countries, we focus on building small towns. It would be too hard to build every town in the world so we are focusing on building the great country sweden's towns. Join Today!

EarthRP Community (vanillacraft)

Official discord server of EarthRP community

What is EarthRP?

EarthRP is a Minecraft java edition server based on Geopolitical Roleplay with a 1:1000 scaled earth map.
Early access - 01/02/2021
Official release - 01/03/2021

Why choose us?

We provide unique features like:
- 100+ Vehi
cles and Weapons with out needing a client side modification.
- Lands and War system
- Extremely balanced weapon system and economy system
- Pre-rendered, nice looking dynmap (real time web-based map)
- Cords calculator. Generate in-game cords using Latitude and Longitude
- Marriage system
- Some Safezones to chill yourself
- Realistic experience
- Developers that cares about our players
- No queue (ik everyone hates it lmao)

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