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Pixel Gang

I hope you like to be in my server, have fun!

Don't be shy :P

Snowy Central

Hey There, Come on down to Snowy Central!
A fun as a word not allowed here! server for Gaming, Media, Art, Memes
whatever floats your boat is probably going on here, so come check it out!
We have bots too:
- Dank Memer
- Notsobot
- Tatsumaki
and Atlas!
Other events we have going on here are:

- Watch Parties
and maybe when we have more members
- SM64 Modding Competitions
Anything is possible here, So JOIN NOW!


draw my oc

remember google+? anyone who was around remembers draw my oc! A free place to do whatever you please, there was no owner or mods and thats what I bring to you! Have fun

SE Productions

About SE Productions

SE Production is an international Graphic Design (GFX) Organisation, where you are able to request for a:
- Custom Logo
- Avi(Profile Picture)
- Youtube Banner
- Thumbnails
- Logo Animation
- Self Portrait Cartoon Logo
- Custom Team Mascot Logo
Thus, your requested
product will be completed and produced by an experienced Graphic Designers and Illustrators.

We are also hiring experienced, talented Graphic Designers to work with us !

Our Permanent Invite Link


🌺🌱Epochs Lofi Server🌱🌺


🌱🌺Epochs Lofi Sever!🌺🌱

~♡~chill, Lofi vibes!✨

~♡~ Bots, Anime, and roleplay!✨

~♡~ meet others in voice chat!✨

~♡~ friendly staff!✨

~♡~ Art, advice, music, and more!✨

~♡~ different contest!✨

(๑╹ω╹๑ )

Come join the vibe with us!


Owls in My Garden

Hgnn its for a cartoon my friends and I are making but you can post your art, animations, stories and pretty much anything here and you can advertise!
We will be hosting giveaways and other fun things!

Clown Town

A relaxed community for gamers, music lovers, artists, and anyone else looking to talk to other people and have fun!

Wimpy Wat3R's Server

Water's ChillZone
A perfect place to chill and hangout online
Server Perks:
🌊・A Chill Theme
🌊・Server Economy
🌊・A Place WhereYou Can Make Friends
🌊・Levels + Perks Earned For Activity
🌊・like Video Games, Art, Entertainment, Or Memes ?, Perfect
🌊・Organized Layout
🌊・Many Events
ays Cool Emotes For Any Kind Of Mood
🌊・Seasonal Updates, Exclusive Roles And Temporary Server Icon Change
🌊・Bot Games So There Is Always Something To Do
🌊・Partner With Us

Members in this server say they feel welcome



TheDistantRift or "TDR" is a gaming and art discord. Were fairly new however we are working on many things that will benefit the community and enhance the overall experience. We host an ARK Survival Evolved server 100 max player on the CrystalIsles map.

Nest of Horrors Podcast

The Nest of Horrors Podcast scours through the darkest craveses of the internet for great short stories and makes them into audio productions.

The Nest of Horrors community discord server is a place for all;

We do regular auditions for the podcast so if you’re a voice actor looking for work we
might have something for you, likewise, if you have a project of your own that needs voice actors you can post the casting call on our server.

If you’re an artist and would like a place to share your art then this is the place for you, we already have a wide community of artists that share their art regularly, we also have a commissions section where you can post an ad for yourself.

We recently expanded our commissions section, so we now have separate channels for different types of commissions and a channel for people to request things as well!

We have a section for writers to share their work and ask for advice or proof reading of your work, and if your writing is horror related and well written we may feature it on our podcast, if you’d like of course.

We have some gaming sections for various games so you can find people to play with, and we also have sections to post other things, such as memes or music.


The Plaza II

We are The Plaza II (Version 2)! This is the second rendition of The Plaza, a primarily furry community based server for anyone to hang out and chill! We've only just launched the server, so we dont have many members as of the moment, but our primary goal is to grow a thriving, wholesome and general
ly amzing community. Fell free to join us, we'll see you around ^^


Blender Nerds

This server is for people who love animations and those who dont. It's a community area which is mostly focused on animations but you don't need to like or make them to chat here, we welcome everyone! Please come and enjoy your stay! :D