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Mario Gang

Caecilius Gamers (Gaming - Minecraft - Among Us - Roblox - Latin) - Please Don't Join And Then Leave!
- Gaming Server
- Community Chat / Fun environment
- Fun Polls
- Full Server Information, Rules, Moderator Applications Open
- Bot Channels - Fun Bots ( Memes, Music, Cards Against Humanity, Et
c )
- Voice Channels To Talk With Others
- The Hive / Anarchy Servers
- Moderated Closely For A Safe Experience
- Public Channels For Others To Join
- Being Active & Inviting People = Fun Rewards & Roles
Join: (Open To Suggestions, Just Use Our Suggestions Ticket)



New gaming community looking for chill players to chat and game together. Games of any kind!

Among Us

If you want fun people to play Among Us with, this is a place of consideration. We play Among us everyday and are always looking for new people to play with. Come and join the fun!


We mostly play among us, but we have a radio, anime,some bot games, and a lounge to chill. Sooo...enjoy your stay?

The Diamond Gamers

The Diamond Gamer's discord has finally reached over 250+ members!
This discord focuses on connecting with people from across the world on many different games.
Come join, make friends and enjoy playing games with them.
We are currently primarily PlayStation 4 users, but we are constantly pushi
ng for a PC player base.
Our main games people are playing right now are:
- Ark: Survival Evolved
- Apex Legends
- Call of Duty (Warzone as well)
- Among Us
- And more!

Advertise your videos, meet new friends and game from across all gaming platforms! Join now and see our dedicated gamers!


ᶜʰⁱᶜᵏᵉⁿ ⁿᵘᵍᵍⁱᵉˢ

hiiii, join us and make some new friends to play with!
or just make friends, either or.
~ we have multiple channels/voice channels to talk on! (ex. general chat room, 18+, music, art, anime, games like apex, among us, Minecraft, fortnite, Cod. AND MORE!)
~ You can pick a role!
~introduce yourself if you'd like
~ you can free promo
~ were lgbtqia+ friendly as well as 420 friendly
~we have multiple bots to mess around with (mee6, zero two, and rythm)
~show us you art!
~talk abt animes or even join us watching an anime together and talking abt it!
~ ages 16+ (so far we have the ages 16-15)
~ you can be on xbox one, ps4, or even PC! we have people from a little bit of everything!
we have 50+ members and would love for you to join and grow with us! ♡
obviously its free to join and you can leave when ever you'd like!



This is a server where u can make friends and meet new people. You can also ask other people about videogames or share your knowledge about videogames. Any one is welcome here!! Looking forwards to seeing you in the server!!!!

Ishigami Simps

I need some mods to help me with this this will be a pg server that helps with all types of people I will try to make it a good server for everyone. I will also try to get in as many good ideas as possible. Later when we have enough people I will open up a forum where you can post what we should hav
e in the server Thanks for joining me.


Among Us: Jump League

We are a bunch of players that like to play Among Us to the max, with all the skill and brain cell possible. We are a open a new community looking for staff, and players who wanna go with some pros.

Small Streamers Support

Small streamers Support
What is Small Streamers Support?
We are a Discord server here to support you and help each other grow.

We got:

-{advertising} (twitch, YouTube, tiktok, etc)

-{giveaways} (Nitro, Minecraft accounts, Gift cards)

-{friendly chat} (Many roles to pick from, many frie
nds to meet!)

-{friendly staff} (Staff here to support your goals and moderate the server)

-{supporters to support your stream} (Everyone is here to help each other!)

-{games} (Among Us nights, Minecraft nights, and more)

-{LGBTQIA+ friendly} (We love you!)

-{and fun!} (lots of fun :D)


Among Us

A friendly community to play Among Us in and more multiplayer games in the future

Play Among Us

**Welcome To The Play Among Us Server!**

**What we offer:**
✵play among us with others from this server
✵participate in regular events hosted here

✵Host your own games for people to play
✵ Active Hosting

**What we are looking for**

✵ Active Hoster's
✵ Trusted staff