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Life's Path Roleplay

Lifes Path Roleplay
- Everyone in LPRP would love you to join this awesome community!
- So why not come and check us out today!
- Looking for Active Members who are Interested in Becoming Staff!
**Here's some stuff about us:**
**-Why Us-**
Are you looking for a semi whitelisted role play group
that’s serious, respectful, and fun to play with? Here at LPRP we take role playing seriously, and although we have just started off are growing every day and have already reached 100 Members!
**-What we have to offer-**
- San Andreas State Police (SASP)
- San Andreas Fire Rescue (SAFR)
- Blaine County Sheriffs Office (BCSO)
- Civilian (CIV)
- Dispatch (Comms)
-Fire Marshals
(Many more to come!)
- Friendly Staff -
- Here at LPRP All of our staff is held to a high standard and are always ready to answer any questions you might have and help you in any way they can. They are also ready to help you in whatever way they can so why not come and have a chat today.
~ Friendly Staff Team Ready to Help!
~ Rapidly Growing Community!
~ Active and Interactive Community!
- Menu Based RP
- Custom Cars For all Departments
- Must have a legal copy of GTA 5 on PC.
-Must have Fivem and Teamspeak.
- Must follow all the server rules at all times.
- Must Follow all other server expectations.
- Must be at Least 13 years old.
But Most Importantly Make sure to have Fun!
- Join us today! -
Where to find us:
- Discord -
- Website -


Sunnydale Roleplay

Welcome to Sunnydale! We are a rp server that plays games like Flashing Lights, EMERGENYC, FiveM, and more! Join for a fun, and strict server! We have a cad, dispatch, and more!