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Authors Guild of Roleplaying

.•°☆ Authors Guild of Roleplaying ☆°•.

We are a server specifically designed to help you find new roleplay partners!

• ° What we offer ° •
° Different interest and length roles to tell people how you RP
° Different channels for single partners or creating groups
° A strict stance on any and all discrimination but with a complete understanding of miscommunication
° A SFW ad space and an NSFW ad space that minors cannot access
° Chill staff (and a very hyperactive owner)
° An RP and writing tip channel that anyone can contribute to
° A suggestion channel to help us grow as more people join the guild!

We're open to all kinds of RPers, be it page-writers or simple one-line response people. Come join us and help build our community!
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Playful Paradise 18+

❥・ kinky roles & nudes behind verification
❥・ VIP (Boost), VIP +, MVP & alot more rewards !
❥・ SFW & NSFW Channels + both partnership friendly ( join and contact the owner or a partner manager to partner ! )
❥・ LGBTQ+ friendly & non toxic community ! <3
❥・ private vibe lounges and custom VC's
❥・ fun bot channels and bot prisons in given bot section !
❥・ 133 self roles + free color roles [ seperately color role menu for VIP's + ] ! 50+ emotes soon !
❥・ 2 leveling system's + weekly toplist activity winners, join for more information
❥・ friendly support teams and help sections
❥・ many things to offer you soon, give us time !
❥・ just starting to grow 🞗 🞘

#Have a wonderful day
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Sunnydale Roleplay

Welcome to Sunnydale! We are a rp server that plays games like Flashing Lights, EMERGENYC, FiveM, and more! Join for a fun, and strict server! We have a cad, dispatch, and more!
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Valks Gamer Zone

A friendly anime and gaming community, that's it!
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EPIC BATTLE - Garry's Mod

Epic-Battle Sandbox is a super-fast joining server which allows you to enjoy Garry's Mod Sandbox again!
With fast Bhop, leaderboard displaying top PvP players (Headshots, Kills, Deaths), custom contents, this is the place you want to be!
However Epic-Battle isn't dedicated to PvP, it also has every tool (including custom build mode) to build anything you want. (wire, Expression 2, and more)

Server Information
Server IP:
Connect Link: steam://connect/
Discord: https://discord.gg/5qgmEfJqd6
Group Link: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/Epic-Battle
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phrogs community

phrogs community!

Category: Gaming, Community, Social, Memes

All about frogs!
Game nights!
Friendly and active gamers for both Roblox and Minecraft!
Memes and bot channels! Dank Memer, Idle Miner, etc.
Find people to game with!
Looking for game night hosters!

Howdy! We are a friendly, non-toxic gaming community that hosts game nights around Roblox and Minecraft. We are looking for active and friendly gamers. We dress up as frogs during Roblox raids and mess around for an hour or more.

| 3-4 game nights a week, active gamers, all about frogs (why would you not want
| to join), working towards an active, friendly, and epic gamer community.
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ฟธ」- Wolves Street™

_Welcome in the Howling Abyss...~_

> The **ฟธ」- Wolves Street** Management wants to welcome you in our **Gaming & Community Server**. :wolfy_wave:

» German & English is supported!
» **TrackMania & Rocket League Team** always searching for new member!
» A ton of those :wolfy_like: Wolfy Emotes, and even more :wolfy_joy:
» Active Voice Chats (& Streams) with a variation of different Games!

> **It began...**

...at the 29th February 2019, when we started as a TrackMania Team, and slowly grew up to what we are now. We decided to open our doors into our Server, to create a comfy Community, so don't be shy to join us! :wolfy_present:

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༺♡༻ Ely’s Nudes ༺♡༻

»» ──────ஓ๑♥๑ஓ ────── ««
My names Ely, I'm currently 17 and from the UK. Selling nudes + teasers<3
Don't report please!~<3
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🪐| 𝒮𝒶𝓉𝓊𝓇𝓃'𝓈 𝑅𝒾𝓃𝑔

An chill server for hanging out and using fun bots. The server has an aesthetic theme and also has an advertising channel.
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Eyeless' Safehouse

A growing youtube and twitch community with an emphasis on the game Escape From Tarkov, stop by for some raids or drop your channel link!